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Facilities which would be made available

Central Kitchen and Messing

There is a central kitchen and dining room. Food is common to all categories of residents. However, special items can be ordered with adequate notice for which additional charges is levied. Food in hot cases may be delivered to individual houses on request and upon payment of necessary charges for the same. A Mess Secretary and a committee of three members are to be selected by the Residents Association for every quarter and the committee is responsible to supervise the messing arrangements. The expenditure on messing will be shared by residents equally.

Medical facilities

An MI Room will be maintained. A doctor from INHS Sanjivini will be arranged to visit Sainik Vihar MI Room once in a fortnight or more frequently to attend the sick and ailing residents, if any, in emergency, INHS Sanjivini will be available to help with ambulance service. In addition, all residents can be outpatients of Amrithanda Mai Institute of Medical Science with individual cards. The said hospital is also one of the hospitals approved by Army Group Insurance Authorities.


A small canteen stocked with CSD items to be run by the inmates will be available to meet day-to-day requirements.


Residents are permitted to keep private vehicles if desired. Taxis and Auto-rickshaws could be made available on demand from the local taxi stand through Travel Agency.

Entertainment and Hobbies

Residents can have their own TV and Music system, which could be used without causing any disturbance to fellow residents. A Recreation Room with facilities like TV and a library with news papers and magazines will be established. The location being close to the heart of the city, inmates will be able to visit places of entertainment, their preferred places of worship, attend cultural events and make social calls on relatives and friends in the city, availing the communication and transport facilities which will be arranged by Sainik Vihar.

Place of Worship

A temple, a church and a mosque are available within walking distance.


A brick paved footpath skirting the compound of Sainik Vihar will be available for the inmates health walk to keep themselves exercised and fit.

Attenders /Sweepers

Attenders and Sweepers and Security Guards will be arranged centrally. They will be working under the Caretaker. Personal servants are allowed for which arrangements will have to be made by the residents themselves.

Home Nurses and Sick Attendants

Services of Home Nurses and/or Sick Attendants will be arranged on request on payment to be made directly by the individual concerned. Separate accommodation ion payment will be provided for such Home Nurses and Sick Attendants, if any.


Pets will not be allowed within the premises of Sainik Vihar.

Guest Rooms

Guest Rooms will be available on rent for the stay of relatives and children of residents. They will be allotted by the Secretary, Residents’ Association with the approval of President, KEXWA. Guests are not permitted to stay in the houses allotted to the Residents.

Ownerships Rights

Fully owned by the residents till death. Succession right to the nominee after death for the cost invested after deducting nominal amount for maintenance at the rate of 10% every year.

Administered by residents themselves under the overall supervision of KEXWA. All expenditure is to be shared by the residents from their pension/ own source.

News and Events

Our new venture sainik villa will be launched soon

anniversary celebration

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